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The InnovaConcrete project has been presented in the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting on the 14th of May in Rome. The Project Coordinator, Maria J. Mosquera, gave a lecture about “Nanotechnologies for the conservation and connected risk” where she explained how nanomaterials and the InnovaConcrete innovative techniques could significantly improve the conservation of Cultural Heritage. In this Special Session named […]

In May, the XIV Technical Conference: Nanomaterials Applied to the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods was held in Huesca (Aragón, Spain) where leading experts offered an overview of the different applications of nanomaterials in the field of heritage conservation. The conference took place in the creative building of the Superior School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage […]

On the 16th of May, the InnovaConcrete team visited the Stadio Flaminio (Rome). Daniela Martelotti, representative of the Rome Council, and the Professor Francesco Romeo from La Sapienza University were present during the visit in which the InnovaConcrete team got to know first-hand this singular concrete building by Nervi and observed its main causes of deterioration.

On the 25th of April the InnovaConcrete team visited the “Hipódromo de la Zarzuela” (Madrid). This visit included a short tour of the grounds reflecting on the concrete structures present in the buildings and acknowledging the distinctive roof, designed by Eduardo Torroja. The Zarzuela hippodrome will be used in the InnovaConcrete project as a location in which to carry […]